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                Two-boat trawl Nets

                Two-boat trawl Nets

                  The trawl fishing depends on the work way certificated of division of family property ship trawl fishing as well as the two-boat trawl fishery two kinds. The single ship net fishing is uses two halftone, uses the flank of single ship or the stern towing fishing net fishes for the bottom aquatic product biology. But the two-boat trawl fishery uses fishing boat two (not to need halftone to launch net mouth) to tow with joint forces directs a fishing net fishing for aquatic product. Generally (12-200 nautical mile) the work trawler all is the middle and small scale drag net in the our country economical sea area, but the open sea trawler multi-penetration fishery cooperation obtains the overseas fishery to carry on the work. Because the fishing attains type most for anniversary , therefore majority of for sells internally edible, therefore the trawl fishing may say is the domestic consumption market main tenderer.